Blank SRIP when I add roundabout to countermeasures

When I add a roundabout to countermeasures and try and produce a SRIP it doesn’t load BCR - works fine with signalisation ??

Any ideas why?

Hi Matt, I have not seen this issue before. Are you saying that a roundabout appears to be listed on the SRIP but with no economic details (costs, benefits etc)? To find out whats going on there are a few things that we would need to check. Firstly check if the cost for a roundabout is reasonable (in your dataset setup). Then we would look at the countermeasure download file to see if any roundabouts are being triggered and if they are then whether they are being overridden for any reason.

This happens when the countermeasure (roundabout) in this case is not either (a) triggered or (b) doesn’t pass through the BCR criteria. Each countermeasure is chosen in the SRIP based on triggers. Please refer to iRAP Methodology Fact Sheet 11 Countermeasure for more information on how countermeasures are chosen in the SRIP.