Bus transit lane

In the case where, dedicated bus lanes are provided(BRTS), how we need to consider in the coding.
As I see in the manual, the code description regarding the bus transit is mentioned in two attributes are (1. Carriageway Label & 2. Number of Lanes). Manual says "Dedicated bus transit lane separated to carriageway should be coded as divided or undivided carriageway separated to main carriageway like Separate Bus carriageway - Divided/Separate Bus carriageway-Undivided/Non-Separate bus lane) ", but my doubt is these coding words don’t have a code number assigned. So, anyone please guide on how to code in this bus transit case.

I think that you have to code the exclusive bus lanes separately, it is not an attribute, but you have to treat it as a new section. In other words, take photos every 20m along the exclusive lanes and make a new coding.

I think that this hectometre that you show should be coded as “divided carriageway” with 2 lanes, with a metal barrier separator, and then code the exclusive lanes as another street.