Coding Column G - Distance


When coding Column G - Distance, does it have to start at 0?

If I use a value different to 0 should it make a difference to the analysis when processed in Vida? I have tested it and it seems to make a difference to the Smoothed Rating. Hoping someone can confirm or otherwise.

The question comes from when coding a design I would like the Distance value to be the road designs Chainage/Station. The reason being that if I use the designs Change/Station then the risk worms in Vida show the road designs Change/Station that relate to the coded design and not 0, 0.1, 0.2 etc that means nothing to the design plans.



Hi Brad,

You can begin the distance with any number, it doesn’t have to be 0 and it shouldn’t make any difference to the smoothed star rating. The only requirement is that you use 0.1km increments.



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