Copying a Data Set

Hello, I am trying to copy a data set however the system is giving me the feeback ‘‘Unknown Request’’ What can i do?

Hi Joseph, I’m not quite sure. Could you send me an email with the details, including which Dataset you are copying and which project you are copying it to?


Hello, Greg. Just need to understand how a Dataser can be set up so that estimated fatalities and serious injuries for the new Dataset can be comapred with the previous one? Is there any specific method?


You can find information about this in the iRAP Star Rating and Investment Plan Manual (see: iRAP Specification, Manuals and Guides - iRAP).

Note that you also need to disable the autocalibration.

This process will mean you new dataset will use the same “calibration factors” as the previous one. Any changes made to the coding in the new dataset will then translate to changes in fatalities and serious injuries that can be compared with the previous dataset



Thank you so much, Greg.