Countermeasure: Street lighting (intersection)

Good Day

As part of the proposed countermeasures, I included Improve Delineation, Delineation and signing (intersection), Upgrade pedestrian facility quality and Street lighting (intersection).

Counter measure cost have been included, all other countermeasures set to “ignore” and the above listed set to “included”. The Countermeasure_Costs.csv file downloaded to confirm cost, setting, etc.

With specific reference to “Street lighting (intersection)”, there are various sections where intersections are present, but without street lights.

After processing, the Strip Plan will show all the proposed countermeasures locations, but nothing for the Street lighting (intersection). In an attempt to “nudge” the use of Street lighting (intersection), all the countermeasures were set to “ignore” and only select Street lighting (intersection), “include”. The Strip Plan showed again no use of the countermeasure.

Do you know of any approach, issue, selection box that I might have missed?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ivan,

I hope you are doing great. Each Countermeasure has a set of triggers that will propose them into the SRIP, those triggers can be reviewed at stage 6 of your dataset Edition page.
Even if a countermeasure is triggered (i.e: all the conditions are met for it to be proposed into the SRIP), then, it has to pass economic evaluation (for example is it to “expensive” compared to the BCR that you are proposing?).

This process applies to all countermeasures, it is expectable to generate all the costs but still not see it triggered if the conditions aren´t met.

Best Regards

Thanks for the feedback Franco.

Based on your feedback I had a good review at the Triggers, Trigger Sets, and requirements. This in combination with the info “Countermeasures Including Overriden” zip file, provided adequate insight into this aspect.

Kind Regards