Countermeasures override

When analysing the countermeasures, I noticed the majority of the countermeasures are selected with a 0 in ‘Override’ because of the benefit/cost ratio.
The core data ‘after’ includes countermeasures, but I don’t know if it includes ALL countermeasures, or only the ones which are good in the benefit/cost ratio.

Can someone explain to me if all the countermeasures need to be excecuted to get the results of the core data after, or that only the >1 bc ratio need to be excecuted?

Many thanks.

In the countermeasure download file only those countermeasures showing ‘0’ (zero) in column ‘override’ are final. those with value 1 are overwritten (not chosen) with reason mentioned in next column. BCR threshold, such as 1, is defined by user at the time of project setup. different projects may have different BCR threshold such as 3 or 5 to suit with limited budget.

Thanks alot. That helped me out.