Curvature from Preprocessor and other coding

I am new to coding and would like to know how to obtain the curvature of the road through the pre-processor after obtaining the 100m sections of GPS coordinates.

Also, the coding guide only gives the codes for the post-coding attributes - can you please let me know where to get the codes for main attributes for right-side driving.

Thanks & rgds - Krishnan

The steps for coding curves using GPS are as follows:

  • In the preprocessor, click Open File and select your coding file
  • Select the sheet where there is coding in the iRAP Data File - Sheet Name box
  • Select the Lookup Table. For most cases in a country where vehicles drive on the right side of the road, you will use the V3_Coding_Right table
  • Click the Specials tab
  • Press the Curvature from 100m button

Depending on how many km of coding you have it might take a few moments to process.

You can find the codes at: You can also see them in the Preprocessor. If you take a look at the V3_Coding_Right sheet.