Detailed information road sections

Hi all,

Is there a way to obtain the information (which is given in ‘Road Data’ > ‘Detailed condition report’) per section of the road? I want to get that information for every section of 0.1km.
Really looking forward to any response.

Yes, you can access the recorded road attributes via the ‘Downloads’ report option in the top menu. Select the ‘Core Data - Before’ file and you will have all road attributes (in numerical code) for each 100m.

Thanks, yes I noticed this function. I can’t really get a clue behind this numerical code. All those numbers don’t make sense when you don’t know the formulas and functions behind the numbers. Is there any more simple or clearer way to see all that information per road section?

The description of the numerical codes are available on the iRAP website see There are no formulas or functions to understand for the coded data simply numerical codes that correspond to different road attributes. The other way to see recorded road attributes is to use the different reporting functions in the Road Data menu within ViDA

Thanks alot. I got all the information i was looking for, but I can’t come to the result i was hoping for. See my latest topic please for a detailed question.