Divided roads or one-way?

I am coding a section with a divided road, but then the road has a fork that separates them between 200 and 500 meters along 5 kilometers. Is this still considered a divided road or would it be one-way?

If I consider it one way, would there be a problem when I code the carriageway “B”? since it would be strange if there is a “B” carriageway in a one-way section.

@greg.smith Dear sir Please tell us how to code this section. I am little confuse. If i have code this, i will code it as one way because if we travel is one direction, the all other parameter of road changes and it will give us different results.

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Hi there, continue to code it as a regular divided road. It’s just that the median is enormous.



Hi everyone, I would consider coding as follows:
If in the section with the huge median, there are segments with a safety barrier (driver side), then the barrier must be coded as a type of median, if there is no barrier in the median, then it should be coded as “one way” because there is a huge separation with traffic flow from the other way and there is no risk of frontal collision.


Yes exactly I was thinking the same. Everyone has his/her perception.