Facility type: multi-use or off-road

Would you code this as an “off-road bicycle path” or an “multi-use path” ?

My thoughts: at some locations is functions well as an off-road path where cyclist have their space. But at other locations the path and pedestrian flows are mingling to much, here there are many (potential?) conflicts with pedestrians.

Hi Roxy.
Without physical segregation from pedestrians, cyclists will likely have to perform manoeuvres to avoid pedestrians in the cyclists’ facility. In this situation, the facility is working more as a multiuser path.

Hi Roxy,
I agree with Shanna that it is closer to being a multi-use path. In both cases, there will be a moderate to high pedestrian activity along and across the facility.
The facility type is mostly for analytical purposes (so you can compare risk scores for different facility types). The difference between a multi-use path and an off-road path is that the first has a condition for bicycle-pedestrian crash types, so you will notice a difference in that crash type score.
[note my original reply was incorrect saying it makes no difference :)]