How to (re)design a rural road with a minimum of 3 stars

Hi you all,

I was helped excelntly on my last question, but it dit not help me solve my problem. The questionaire is to redisign a high-standard rural road (N737 in The Netherlands) with a minimum of 3 stars. The flow of 11.000 vehicles, and the curvature (sharp) seem to make it very difficult to get to an average of 3 stars.

I downloaded the core data, but for example when i search for the ‘Land use - driver side’ the output is a 4. I have no idea what that 4 is when i open the Star Rating Demonstrator. Option 4 is ‘Commercial’ but that is not correct. So when I don’t know what the output is in the core data, how should I know what to change in the road design to get to 3 stars?

I hope my explanation is clear enough for some people to help me.

Thanks in advance!

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Land Use is one of the few attributes that does not change the risk scores (i.e. the star ratings). This attribute is collected for different reasons (mainly so we can estimate pedestrian activity where necessary). My advice is to experiment with realignment (code a straighter curve), speed (limit and operating speed) and roadside features (safety barrier and wider paved shoulder). A combination of these treatments should get you to 3-star.