I don't see a paved shoulder here, but my coding attribute was marked red when I said, "none"

Hi Ritu, with an edge line present (visible between the left-side kerb and the ‘S’ of the SLOW marking a narrow paved shoulder should be recorded. The coding manual says ‘A narrow paved shoulder shall be recorded wherever an edge marking is present even if the edge line is very close to the pavement edge.’ (see page 56)

Dear Luke,
Now it is clear. Thanks a lot. I confirmed it in the Coding Manual too.

Also, for the same picture as above, could I also ask what could be the land use for the Passenger side; I put Residential, as the area largely seems to be of residential type, but it turned red! (if I choose, undeveloped, which it appears to be, a validation warning pops up, pointing out an “Unlikely Combination”! Please guide!