Importing iRAP CSV Upload file

I´m new in this platform. I can´t find the place to upload a .cvs file that contains a number of already coded lines, so I can make all the star rating of the whole parts of the trace together.
I´m trying to avoid making each line separate, because it takes much more time.
Is this posible?
Thank you very much for your help!

Hi there

A couple of things to check. First, do you have the Provisional Creator access level? This will mean you can see the Sandbox in the Project Setup & Access section of ViDA. Second, have you taken the Star Rating Essentials course ( If not, this is where you can learn the process. The ViDA User Manual is also available in the ViDA Dashboard.


Hi Greg!
Thank you so much for your answer.
I´m taking the couse right now, and I wanted to do my first assigment (1km coding) directly in a .cvs and then uploading to VIDA. Can I do that? I don´t know how.
I cheked what you said about my profile and I can see the Sandbox Project Setup & Access.
Maybe it is not possible what I´m tryng to do.
I expect for your answer.
Thanks again

Hi everybody,

I upgraded my account to Provisional Creator and I need to create a new dataset. When I enter to “Project Setup and Access”/Sandbox (programme), I can not do anything more, there is no region set, no project set and I am not able to create a new dataset.
How to solve this issue?