Intersection type with median block

The intersection was blocked by a small median. What type of intersection is this? Is it merge lane or 3-leg?

Difficult to tell from the images but if vehicles can turn right in and right out of the junction then code 3-leg with channelisation. If only right out (i.e. cars on the main carriageway cant turn off in to the side road) then its a merge lane.

I’m wondering what the intersection type would be here. There’s what I think is a merging lane directly to the left; however, further there’s a road that goes straight into this road. I’m not sure if cars are going in and out of that, but it seems like thought would be coming from that road to the right side of this road – consequently, would this be a 3-leg (unsignalised) with no protected turn lane? Or is that straight road somehow not relevant, and this is a median crossing point (formal)?

Also, I’m wondering what the assumed road intersecting volume would be? Because this is a divided carriageway with two lanes on each side, and there seems to be one lane connecting this, would this be 5,000 - 10,000 vpd? Or more/less?

Thanks for any guidance here!!