Issue with CSV output from SR4D app left and right


I am currently undertaking the Star Rating for Design course. When undertaking Assignment 1a in Module 1 I came across an issue with how the SR4D app translates the coding into the CSV file.

The issue I found is regarding the left/passenger and right/driver side. In SR4D I have coded left/passenger distance is 1-5 which is a Code 2 and for right/driver side 5-10 which is a Code 3

When the coding csv file is created from SR4D it looks different. The coding file has a left/passenger distance Code of 3 and a right/driver side Code of 2. This is opposite what is selected in the SR4D interface.

If this is a known issue then it should be communicated to people including when undertaking this assignment.

Can you please confirm or otherwise.




Hope you are doing great, I just saw this question. What you say is correct, for that excercise you code what you see in the right and what you see in the left side, (kind of assuming is drive on the right when is actually a drive on the left).

this is something we will change for next edition of SR4D course.