Left side land use

If there is park on the left side of the road . then what should we mark on land use? Is it undeveloped or agriculture?

If you code ‘Residential’ that includes recreational areas such as
parks and gardens

Sir i have questions regarding coding
if we have a four lane section which is undivided ( two lane both side )
then what did we code for

  1. when motorcycle is coming from opposite direction should we count them ?
  2. if there is a road side severity from driver side what will be the distance,should it be from the centre line or it would be from end of the lane ?
  3. and what if the pedestrain are walking from driver side should we count them (not walking on centre line median)
    and last question what will we do if there is no delineation on the road , how could be considered number of lane and there width and width of paved shoulder ?
  1. Observed motorcycle flow is total observed on each c-way. For undivided road in this case all the 4-lanes are on the same c-way hence motorcycles travelling in both the directions shall be counted.
  2. For undivided roads, the severity distance for driver side shall be measured from the edge line and not from the center line.
  3. Yes count the pedestrians observed on the driver side
  4. If edge line is not marked consider no paved shoulder is present. For number of lanes, in this case will have to be estimated by measuring total road width. Divide the total width with the usual number of lanes observed on this road (of previous and next sections), to get the lane width.