Median type, roadside severity

A little help on the median type in this image please:

  1. Do I code this as a concrete safety barrier or a physical median (0-1m width)? It looks like a safety barrier however I think the height is low enough for vehicles to cross over in case of an incident
  2. Also would the roadside severity (right side) be an unprotected barrier end due to the gap in the median which appears to be for turning traffic?


The object in the median looks like a concrete ‘Jersey’ type barrier. They are about 80cm to 100cm in height (about 32 inches) so that looks about right from the image you have provided. There is a gap in the barrier for turning vehicles and the barrier terminal ends are unprotected. So for Median Type we should code ‘Safety barrier - concrete’ and for Roadside object we should code ‘Unprotected safety barrier end’.

Many thanks for the feedback