Median type x Roadside severity

When the road is a divided carriageway and has two ways which are separated by a wide river (>60 m), and we are inspecting just one way, can we consider it as an undivided road? On the same road, if the roadside severity on the driver side is “traffic barrier-concrete”, should the median type be considered as “traffic barrier - concrete” or “one-way roadway - no median”?

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Good question. Also want to know that.

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Thank you for the question.
This road should still be coded as a divided road.

The concrete barrier (and 60m of water) physically separates the opposing vehicle flows, so the road should be coded as divided.

With regards to coding the driver-side road-side and the median type, both should be coded as concrete barrier.
driver-side road-side is coded as a concrete barrier, since this is the object you strike in a collision
Median type is coded as concrete barrier, since this is the time that separates opposing flows