(Model deprecated version) Bicycle path between two roads

In the situation below the two-way bicycle path is between a parallel road with maximum speed 60 km/h and a main road with maximum speed 80 km/h. Which road should I choose when coding aspects like speed, road lane width and road condition? The distance between parallel road and bicycle path is 2 meter, the distance between main road and bicycle path is 5 meter, so normally I should choose the parallel road. However: a crashing car from the main road has a higher speed with a higher risk of serious injuries than a crashing car from the parallel road.

Location Google Maps: Google Maps

Isn’t it when you code you code for the right and left side of the cycle path? Or is this question based on the main road? So you can code ‘road’ for left/right in combination with the side distance.

This situation brings out a number of questions

  1. Speedlimit - Use the greater of the speedlimits.
    The difference in the offsets will not compensate for the difference in speed limits.

  2. Side object and distance - code “Road lane” for each side with the relevant distances