(Model deprecated version) Roadside vehicle parking

What is the aim of the attribute roadside vehicle parking? Is the attribute a risk factor for maneuvering vehicles from and to the parking space and for possibly overlooked bicycles?
In the following situation there is a seperate bicycle facility and a formal parking alongside the parallel road. I code the side object - right as parking with distance 0-0,50 meter, but how should I code the roadside vehicle parking? According to the coding manual the parking is within two meters of the drivable lane so normally I should code this option as “one side”. In this particular situation bicycles have no disruption from maneuvering vehicles to the parking, but opening car doors are a small risk. In this particular situation I should code the attribute Roadside vehicle parking as “none”. Do you agree?

On the website of iRAP you can read the methodology of the RAP-programma. On this moment these documents are mainly for cars, but sometimes there is also an explanation for bicycles.


If you search here for ‘Vehicle parking’ you can find a document with an overview about this topic.

"The risk factors selected reflect increased risk to pedestrians and bicyclists moving along the road if vehicles are parked at the side of the road. A car parked on the footway often forces pedestrians into the road and bicyclists are at heightened risk, for example, if car doors are opened into their path. This risk is also related to issues such as exposure to traffic, reduced sight lines, additional manoeuvres and opening of vehicle doors.’

There is a risk for opening the doors. In this case, when de vehicle is opening the door, there will be a risk of cycling into the door.