No Vehicle Occupant Star Rating

Hello! When uploading our data to ViDA we’re not getting any Star ratings for vehicle occupant (it says not applicable for all the roads). We do get Star ratings for the other three categories. I’m not sure that the issue is. Here are 5 observations from our data – is there anything that we’re missing here to calculate the ratings?



The problem with you data is with Motocycle %.
Your data has the code 10 for motorcycles %, due to this, the model reads that 100% of the vehicles are motorcycles, and this is why you don’t have Star Rating for vehicles.
Remember that Motorcycle % attribute works with the % of motos in relationship with AADT. For example if the amount of MC is low, perhaps you can put the code 3, so the mpdel reads that motorcyles are between 1 to 5% respect AADT.
Another observations is with pedestrian peak hour flow. Your data has coded with code 10, which means that there are more than 1000 peds per hour. same for bicyclist. Have a look to these details.

Agustin G. Centeno


In addition to Agustín’s observations, you need to check the distance (Column G or 7).
The value is always 0.
The “distance” column must have a cumulative value in hectometers for the road.