Pedestrian facilities on side roads at intersections with multiple accesses

When coding pedestrian facilities on intersecting roads at intersections or roundabouts more than one approach, would you code the consider the approach with the worst facilities (based on the order in the coding form), or the approach with the largest vehicle flow.

In the following example in Sao Paulo Brazil, the approach to the left carries about 80% of the flow, and has a signalised crossing with refuge. The approach to the left carries 20% of the intersecting road’s flow, and only has a marked crossing.

Here is the google maps link.

Which approach would you consider when coding the pedestrian facilities?

We can currently only record 1 pedestrian crossing facility on an intersecting road (side-road) for each 100m. So if we have a roundabout or 4-leg intersection it is possible to have more than 1 side-road pedestrian crossing at the same distance during the coding process. I would recommend we record the worst (least safe) crossing facility given a choice of 2 regardless of flows - for 2 reasons, firstly because we are doing a risk assessment we want to record the worst case (most hazardous items) and also by identifying and recording the poorer facility we have the opportunity to upgrade it.