RAP Coding Questions

Hello. I would just like to clarify the questions listed below. It would be very much appreciated if someone could help.

  1. Should people on parked vehicles be included in pedestrian along the road?

  2. Can barricades on the road i.e. School Zone, Army Check point be regarded as traffic calming?

  3. Should pedestrian and parked vehicles on the service road be counted?

  4. There is a signage of Pedestrian Crossing but no road markings were present. Should we consider this in coding?

  5. What median type should be coded for this? Traffic flow was separated by grade.


Thank you so much.

  1. No, only count pedestrians that you can see walking along the road, not those sat in a parked vehicle.
  2. I think it would depend on how permanent the barriers are. If its a temporary situation like a random police check point for vehicle safety checks or alcohol breath-tests then no i would not code as traffic calming.
  3. No you are only surveying the major road so do not need to record features or users on the service road.
  4. You can code unsignalised marked crossing with no refuge island with pedestrian crossing quality as poor.
  5. Median feature shown in image (wall) is similar to concrete barrier (rigid but with smooth face) so i would advise code as concrete barrier.