Removal of "draft" or "working" watermark

Hello everyone,

I am facing an issue at result time. I want to remove the “draft” or “working” watermark from the background of my results.

And either I don’t have a final option in the dataset for removing that “working” watermark.


Hello malikdaniyal207.

To get the table without the watermark it is necessary to download the image. Position the mouse over the table and click on the icon located to the right of the “export image” column.


Hope this helps

Hello malikdaniyal207,

To remove the watermark you will need to change the dataset to Final.
It should be noted that this can’t be done for datasets in the Sandbox area, so first you will need to move it to the relevant Programme.
Please ensure that the data has be quality checked before setting it to Final.



And how do you move to final from Sandbox?