Road coding change with adding a new lane

Good morning, i want to ask some questions in the situation when the existing road will get a new additional lane (both directions), we must to change the base (old road) codings? :

  • the new lane will have a good quality, adequate skid resistance, and also new good delineation, but we don’t have details that the existing old lane will also get new quality surface, adequate skid resistance, and new delineation.
    So i think that we must to use the old lane codings, for the worst situation (if the old road has bad quality, skid resistance and poor delineation)?
    And if on a 100m segment of the old lane, everything is good (surface, skid, delineation) we ain’t need to change the base coding.

So adding the new lane won’t change these 3 (quality, skid, delineation), base old road codings?
Will it change (the additional lane) in the code column, a code other than just the number of lanes?

  • And i think the additional lane will change the traffic flow, so with how many percent we must to change the base flow numbers?

  • And maybe the speed will increase too ?

Thank you for the help.

Please some help from experienced coders.Thank you.