Roadside hazards and median type

Shall I code this drain as ‘deep drain’ under roadside hazard?

The coding manual says “Only record a ditch if most of the vehicle would drop into the ditch.” On that basis it would not be coded as a deep drain.



Another roadside severity type. On the Mumbai roads this type of median is quite usual. Is (driver/right side) it a rigid crash barrier or just rigid wall?

Looks like a concrete jersey barrier system.

It seems like a concrete barrier

If we are using it as a concrete barrier for right hand roadside severity .Then what would be median type, is it physical median or safety barrier- concrete ?

It should be coded as a concrete barrier for both the Median type and the right side object.

For reference:
We have seen a number of times the barrier has short gaps along it’s length for lighting columns.
In this case it should be coded as concrete barrier for median type, and dangerous barrier end for right side object.

How does one code the guardstones?

you can considered it as semi-rigid structure

Any concrete or metal object like this and more than 10cm diameter in size should be considered as rigid object.

But I think it will deform when heavy vehicle hits it. And the structure which will deform can be taken as semi rigid and also there is much gap between these guard stones, it may be the reason that these guard stones cannot act as rigid structure !

Would this be concrete or metal safety barrier?

Would this access to the right be coded as a 3-leg intersecting road or property access?

Actually sir from my point of view, we cant considered it as a safety barrier bcoz role of safety barrier is different then these kind of barriers .
And these are called bridge guard rail or guard rail fence. I am not sure it acts as safety barrier or not .

Height of concrete wall type object on right side looks lower than the crash barrier. Shall it be coded as concrete barrier or rigid wall?
Looks similar to the one posted by Krishnan, except the metal fence on top.

I would record this as a concrete safety barrier. Most specifications have the height between 810mm and 1070mm so I’d think this is at the lower end but still its above the height of the wheel arch.