Roadside Severity

How should these objects on the right side be coded?


Thank you.

Can you tell what they are made from? They don’t look like flexible bollards to me, they like like concrete posts, so I would code them as “sign, post or pole”

I have question about the roadside severity & object for both left (passenger) side and right (driver side) here:

**Left/passenger side: There’s a cliff to the left, but it’s to the left of the turning road. Do I code this as the distance from the through-lane to the object? Consequently, would this be 1-5 (or 5-10??) severity, then the object be a cliff? Or is it something else (eg, there’s a pole ahead, but cliff more dangerous than pole hence we’d go cliff)?

**Right/Driver Side: Do I code object along the median, or on the other side of the road? There looks like there might be a pole up ahead (0-1m?), but really hard to tell? Any advice here would be really appreciated!

In short, I’m a bit lost on both left and right sides so thanks so much for any help!

Just as a follow up to the above question:

  • Thinking about this more, there seems to be a “downward slope” to the left and right – not a cliff. Correct?

  • If that’s the case, then left hand object seems to be pole (severity: 1-5 meters).

  • Right side harder to tell, but maybe also pole (severity: 1-5 meters).

Does that logic make sense?

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