The file download in wrong

hello every one , in my Analysis and Reporting , I encountered an issue while downloading the Countermeasures - Including Overridden (zip) file. The data in this file appears incorrect. There are discrepancies when I compare the information in the Investment Plan table in VIDA with the Excel file I downloaded.The data in VIDA does not match the information in the downloaded Excel file.

Dear Sabrihamza789,

Thank you for the good question, and exploring your results.
I think it will because, the SRIP table presents the impact of the countermeasures taking into account the impact of where more than one countermeasure is applied in the same 100m (multiple countermeasures adjustment).
Where as the Countermeasure download files provide the impact of each countermeasure as if they are built in isolation.

Please can you share the excel file you have the screen grabbed in second post
send it to

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In addition to James’s comment, be aware that you are downloading the file that includes countermeasures overridden. Overridden countermeasures are not included in the final SRIP.

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