Unable to download files

Hi, I have problems downloading some files from my Dataset, I make the filter from my Sandbox and request the files to download, I get the notification “Success: your request to download the file is already in the queue” but it has more than 15 minutes that I did that process and still do not get the message that my file is ready to download, how long is the maximum time it could take? or to what email support should I write?

Hi there

You probably already know this, but just in case, a link to your file should appear in the messages section of the tool bar in ViDA (see below).


If the file is still is not there, could you please try downloading it again? If it doesn’t work again, could you please reply to this message and we’ll look deeper into it

Thank you very much, I contacted James Bradford and he provided me with more information and I was able to download the files.
Excellent day