VIDA Risk Worms

Can anyone tell me why Risk Worms for Pedestrian SRS do not have / show the Star Rating Bandings?

See attached screenshot for Ped SRS - There’s a statement after the Risk Work chart saying “Bandings are not shown for Pedestrian Risk Worms” and indeed they are not there in the chart.

The Pedestian model differs from the other user group models in that it uses more than one they of flow.
That is along flow (on either side) and crossing flow
This means that both along and crossing flow can be present in a 100m, alternatively just one of the flows or neither can be present.
To manage this correctly different bands are used depending on if there is along flow only, crossing flow only or both and crossing flow.

This means that the banding colours in the background would change heights along the chart, is would be very confusing.
The development are looking to include an alternative risk worm that uses demical Star Ratings rather than SRS

Ahhuh! That makes sense. This issue is unique to the pedestrian movements.

Based on that, I am wondering whether the model can be configured in the future to consider all flows rather than trying to separate the types of flows. This would mean that along flow volumes are likely to be crossing flows volumes and vice-versa. Therefore the Star Rating Scores would be affected by countermeasures such as pedestrian barriers, availability of footways and crossing points etc. E.g. unless there is an adequate crossing facility and a pedestrian barrier all the pedestrians are free to cross wherever they please and as such the risks increase with the number of Pedestrians in that location irrespective of whether they are walking along or crossing. What are your thoughts on this?