Wrong side metal barreir

Hello everyone.

How can we code driver side severity in this case? We know that the barrier will not work properly because it is posicioned for the other direction. In this photo we can see a drainage ditch, but this not happen in all the km surveyed. Which is the best attribute in this case?

Moving foward, how can we code if it was a concrete barrier, but also posicioned for the other side? Can we code as a rigid structure?

Thanks a lot

Hi Shana:

Metal barrier works for other direction of carriageway, so for this purpose it doesn’t work as you mention. In this case we should NOT record barrier on driver side. Otherwise I think drainage could fit in, however it is not as deep as a half ot vehicle fall there. Worth to see forward form the image. If so, record drainage otherwise semirigid structure.

In the case for concrete barrier, if you can post the image we appreciate it.