Roadside severity- driver-side object-coding

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I have question, which the best coding for driver side objects (Tree “1 to<5m”, or Unprotected safety barrier end "0 to <1).

According the Coding Manual (Safety barriers may be coded first only if they provide adequate protection from a roadside hazard and no other hazard is present (such as a pole in front of the barrier or an unprotected barrier end)).

I believe you know we are coding each 10 m within coding interface, but we are converting the coding from 10m to 100 m to upload to ViDA, I think the iRAP model allways are taken worst 10m segment within 100m, but if not, must correction that 100m segment (Yes or No), ex. ( we have 10 segments, 5 segments have Tree 1to5m, and in medial one segment have unprotected barrier end 0to 1m, and the last 4 segments have Safety barrier – metal 0to1 as per photo).

Please Advise

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Hi Zain,

In cases like these you can rely on the table on page 50 of the manual “iRAP Coding Manual”, this table shows the objects of severity from highest to lowest risk, so when in doubt you should always choose the one with the highest risk (the one that is located higher in the table).

In your case the “Unprotected safety barrier end 0 to <1” is higher in the table than the "Tree 1 to<5m”, so the “Unprotected safety barrier end 0 to <1” must be encoded.

It should be noted that this also depends on the distance, since if it were a "Tree 0 to<1m” it should be encoded.

Hope this helps you, regards.

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Hi Arande,

Thanks a lot