SRIP - results not showing up

Hi - I have coded in data including for the fatality estimation and the investment plan stages and processed the data; however in the results, the SRIP Investment Plan shows the following:

Any idea on what I am not doing correctly>

  • Krishnan
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Hi there. I have the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please can you let us know what dataset this is for?
Please use the format:
Programme / Region / Project / Dataset
i.e. iRAP / iRAP Vietnam / BIIG1 / …

it is likely that you have not added some countermeasure costs or not calibrated the fataility estimation

IRAP/IRAP Vietnam/BIIG1/BIIG2 - Gio Lin Cam Lo without project.

You are not seeing any results in the SRIP beacuse all of the countermeasures are set to ignore.
Note: if you have not adjusted the countermeasure costed to reflect your network, then you will alos need to do this.

In stage 6 of your dataset edit page you will see this table, note the red icon to show the countermeaure is ignored.

Thanks James! That was the problem.

Best - Krishnan

Hello James,

I have the same problem. I’ve checked I have countermeasures not ignored, but after reprocessing, the SRIP - results is not showing up.
Sandbox » Generalitat de Catalunya » Cristina Gil » Cristina Gil F-74 km0-km1
Any idea? What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there, James is on leave so I took a look at your results. What I think is happening is that data the value of human life and serious injury hasn’t yet been input. It means that the BCRs being generated for the countermeasures are below the BCR threshold you have set and so nothing is included in the plan. In your dataset setup, if add the GDP per capita (current) data, and click the “calculate” buttons for Value of life and Value of serious injury, these values will be updated. If you then reprocess the dataset, you should see countermeasures appearing in the plan.



Thanks a lot!
That was it, I haven’t implemented the GDP. Now it works perfectly.


Hello James,
I have the same problem. I have countermeasures not ignored. GDP is also set. But SRIP result is not showing up.
Sandbox>University of Moratuwa> Bharatha Jayarathna>A1 route
How can I fix that?

Hi there,

I took a look at your dataset and there’s still some setup that needs to be done:

  • in Stage 5 - Fatality Estimation - click Enable Auto Calibration and then input the crash type % estimates
  • In Stage 6- Investment Plan: click the “calculate” buttons for Value of life and Value of serious injury

You can find out more about these processes in the Star Rating Essentials course ( and the iRAP methodology fact sheets (

Good luck!


Thanks a lot!
That was the problem. Now It’s working

Hello. I’m in Creator B. In doing the assignment, I completed Stages 5,6 and 7. However, my Results for Investment Plan shows there is no DATA. I modified the code file and uploaded it. I had updated the countermeasure costs using my country’s currency for 3 items based on information from a road agency. I chose bcr = 10. While selecting the 3 countermeasures I got flash messages messages stating that I did not have permission. The flash messages disappeared and I still was able to select the 3 countermeasures. Kindly advise. My name is Ronald Lwakatare from Tanzania, program Sandbox.

To explain more about my challenge. When I select all countermeasures, I get a result. But when I select 3 as required by the assignment it’s when I get flash messages that I don’t have permission.

The problem I had about selecting countermeasures has been resolved by the iRAP team. Thank you.

Buenas tardes:Cuando subo mi codificación en formato cdv, obtengo mi tramo con dos estrellas.
Pero no soy capaz de obtener los Planes de Inversión para vías más seguras, plan detallado ni mapa de prevención de víctimas, que estoy haciendo mal?
Muchas gracias